Fairtrade Wedding Rings

Let Love Rule
Let Love Rule

One of my favorite things to create are wedding rings. I always have a lot of fun in the process that I go through together with my clients. The way to the perfect ring is always a fun discovery to make your ring unique, personal and timeless. I love being of assistance in this process.

Fairtrade Wedding Rings

In the studio we have a beautiful and diverse collection of wedding rings that serves as inspiration to find your perfect ring. As everyone has their own wishes and ideas, every ring we make is unique. When making wedding rings, we find the emotional value in the rings is the most important. Using Fairtrade gold makes the rings even more valuable. From the mining of the gold to the wearing of the rings, love and attention were put into it.

Wedding Rings

Get inspired by our collection of handmade wedding rings from our studio.


Wedding Rings with Diamonds or Gemstones

Find the gemstone or diamond that suits you the best. We have a lovely selection to choose from.


Diamonds are beautiful! At Atelier LUZ, we love diamonds that are slightly different and therefore unique. For example, vintage diamonds that have an antique look. Or ’ice’ diamonds, also called rough diamonds or gray diamonds, that are not completely clear so they have a very special appearance.

Come to the shop and have a look at our collection of diamonds and choose your favorite.


You are always welcome to come by for a conversation, without any obligation. With the collection of wedding rings in the shop as inspiration, we will discuss your wishes together. Maybe the ring of your dreams is already here, but it may also be that you already have a clear idea. I love personal attention and I also like to take the time to design your ring completely in line with your wishes.


We take your ideas into consideration. This makes your ring truly yours.
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