Why Fairtrade, what makes the difference?
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Why Fairtrade?

Unfortunately, gold mining causes major damage to people and the environment, so gold smiths see little of the true value of their gold. Gold is mined worldwide in both large and small-scale. The miners work under very poor conditions and no responsibility is taken for the damage to the environment caused by mining or the destruction of agricultural land and water pollution due to the use of heavy metals.

Workers are stuck in a system with little prospect of a better life, no education for their children and poor healthcare. When a mine changes into becoming a Fairtrade certified mine, the system can be broken. And that makes a big difference.

Recycled or Fairtrade?

Almost all ‘ordinary’ gold used in the jewelry industry is recycled. Yet I prefer to choose Fairtrade gold. Why? Recycled gold is fine of course, in that respect our industry has always been sustainable. But recycling gold does not change anything at the core of the issue which is the mining of the gold. Because there are still major changes needed to improve gold mining, I think that Fairtrade is the right choice for a sustainable future.

Fair trade mining is small-scale with more attention on workers’ rights and conditions, as well as the environment. The miners receive better wages. The price of Fairtrade certified gold is equal to that of the world price, but a premium of 10% is added to comply with the fairtrade standards. If a small-scale mine chooses to also comply with special environmental requirements, an extra premium of 5% is added.

Only the Best

Certified Goldsmith

I like to contribute to a more sustainable gold mining practice and a more conscious world. If I make a piece of jewelry, such as a wedding ring, I put all my love and passion in to it, I want every step towards my final product to be based on well considered choices. Investing in sustainable gold has a direct positive effect on gold mining. That is why I am a registered goldsmith at Fairtrade International. See more at www.fairgold.org. Certified gold gives you the guarantee to know where your gold comes from.

Fairtrade Gold

The gold that we use comes from the mine Macdesa in Peru. The mining community of Macdesa is located in the Andes mountains near Arequipa. Thanks to Macdesa, about 329 partners and 91 workers have a fair income. The Macdesa mine is Fairtrade certified. The Fairtrade premium that the community receives is invested in housing, safety equipment and support for the female workers who must also be able to participate safely in the process.

Fairtrade Silver

For our silver, it is the same as with our gold. Only the origin is different. The Fairtrade silver that I use comes from Bolivia and Argentina. The mine in Bolivia that produce the Fairtrade silver I use is an old mine that was written off by a large mining company. The residents in the area were left destitute when the mining company left. Now the residents manage the mine themselves, as a cooperative and are no longer dependent on a large company that does not take people and the environment in to consideration. The silver from Argentina comes from the ecological gold mine Eco Andina.